Harvard FAQWhere can I create groups?

The creation of groups or teams can either be organized off-platform (not on Livecase) or on the Livecase platform depending on the case you are using.

As a side note, Livecase is team agnostic and works whether you create groups or not. Decisions from participants don't impact others (except for the leaderboard) to avoid issues of conflicts, absences, dropouts,...making the experience smoother for the Instructor and Learner alike.

Groups/Teams off-platform

If in-person, you can simply separate your participants in different locations.

Otherwise, you can create groups in your preferred method (Excel, Word, Email, ...) and share them with the participants. The Livecase platform doesn't require teams to be created to function as mentioned above.

On Livecase

For the creation of teams on Livecase, there is nothing for you, the instructor, to do except guide your students through the following process, which consists mostly of changing their profile names:

Creating groups/teams

For cases that have teams and roles, please follow the respective Teaching Notes for how to organize your learners.

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