Pick from our carefully curated catalogue of cases developed in partnership with world leading educators and sold to top corporations and educational institutions.

BioLife | Wicked Problems
The BioLife Wicked Problems LiveCase creates a lively scenario in which to explore, examine and reflect on leadership and group dynamics under pressure.
First Global Bank | Innovator's Method
The First Global Bank LiveCase simulation gives students a rich first-hand experience in digital disruption, complete with the traps and tradeoffs that characterize innovation in the corporate setting.
Horizon Ventures | Innovation Accelerator
The Horizon Ventures LiveCase simulation offers students a unique experience to launch and grow disruptive projects by simulating the pressure and intensity of a real-life innovation accelerator.
Kruger Bau | Strategy in an age of digital disruption
The case takes place in the context of a fictitious global construction firm facing disruption caused by advances in 3D printing technology. Learners adopt the role of senior executives on an innovation task force charged with developing a strategic response to the challenge of digital transformation.
Plymouth Corp | Crisis Management
Crisis Management can’t be taught—but it can be learned. The Plymouth Corp LiveCase offers Learners a unique and dynamic experience of a simulated crisis situation to which they must react and respond.
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