Viv8 - Multi-Sided Platforms
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Viv8 - Multi-Sided Platforms

The Viv8 LiveCase simulation creates a lively scenario in which students practice and reflect on making strategic recommendations under pressure.

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Authored by INSEAD, powered by LiveCase. Step into the role of Senior VP of Strategy at Viv8 Studios, a leading video game company facing fierce competition. Make strategic recommendations that could determine the company's future. Explore the trade-offs of multi-sided platform models and decide between a traditional game marketplace or selling digital real estate in the metaverse. Perfect for undergraduate, MBA, and executive students in in-person or online classrooms. The Viv8 LiveCase simulation creates a lively scenario in which students practice and reflect on making strategic recommendations under pressure. Students participate in a dynamic multimedia learning experience, immersing themselves in the role of Senior Vice President of Strategy at the fictional video game company, Viv8 Studios, a leader in its market niche that is concerned about losing ground to competitors in the near future. The company desperately needs to know what the best course of action is. Their main task will be to explore the trade-offs between various aspects of multi-sided platform (MSP) models to develop strategic recommendations for the company. Should Viv8 Studios develop a traditional game marketplace, sell digital real estate in the metaverse, or do neither? It's a critical question for the company and a test of students' strategic acumen. The story provides rich material for a stimulating debrief session and a memorable learning experience. The Viv8 LiveCase simulation is particularly suited to undergraduates, MBA, and executive learning programs, and can be taught in person or online. This simulation leverages immersive, interactive multimedia storytelling using the LiveCase web application with a combination of tasks, sentiment checks, quizzes, and gamification to keep learners engaged, challenged, and entertained.

About the authors

Written by Andrew Shipilov


E1: Game on!

Welcome to the Viv8 LiveCase! Let's get you started in your new role...

E2: Introduction to the Viv8 Central Marketplace

The Special Advisor explains the features and benefits of the first MSP proposal

E3: Players want it, Devs don't

Discuss the pros and cons of the Central Marketplace proposal with your Viv8 colleagues

E4: Introduction to Viv8 Digital Realm Estate

The Special Advisor explains the features and benefits of the second MSP proposal

E5: Big bet, big future

Discuss the pros and cons of the Digital Realm Estate proposal with your Viv8 colleagues

E6: Decision time!

This is it! Time to make a recommendation and help steer Viv8's future course..


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