LiveCase brings learning to life.

Deliver dynamic learning that is engaging to play,enjoyable to host& easy to create.

Used by top educators and corporations globally

The experience

Harnessing the power of storytelling and gamification.

As the story unfolds, participants chat with virtual characters who reveal the facts, dilemmas and crisis points to which they must respond, racing against the clock and earning points along the way.

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A simple system to manage your sessions.

  • Just share a link for participants to join
  • Analyze learner engagement & levels
  • Perform A/B testing experiments for research

Where & When

Works in person or virtually.
In realtime or not.

It runs on mobile and desktop or laptop devices. You decide when, where & how to use LiveCase.



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Immerse participants in any situation to meet any learning objective.

LiveCase is a tool that can be used to explore any subject, skill or situation.

Immerse your participants in a new management position that gets them to face critical decisions impacting profits, losses, strategy and more.

Get started

3 ways to get started

Create your very own case with using LiveCase's intuitive interface to fit your program.
  • No coding required—it's all point and click.
  • Build a case in hours, not weeks.
  • Costs a fraction of other online educational solutions.

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Teach the experience.
Live the learning.

Education is only scraping the edges of what digital technology can offer.
LiveCase is changing that.
We're offering limited-time discounts to creating content on our platform.

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