First Global Bank | Innovator's Method
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First Global Bank | Innovator's Method

The First Global Bank LiveCase simulation gives students a rich first-hand experience in digital disruption, complete with the traps and tradeoffs that characterize innovation in the corporate setting.

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The First Global Bank LiveCase simulation gives students a rich first-hand experience in digital disruption, complete with the traps and tradeoffs that characterize innovation in the corporate setting. They will learn and apply the principles and tools from INSEAD professor Nathan Furr's book, The Innovator's Method, co-authored with Jeff Dyer. In the role of Senior Executives of a $700 billion international bank, students are tasked with helping the new CEO offer its retail investors a new digital stock trading platform that combines big data, social networks, and artificial intelligence. The simulation is structured in seasons, divided into episodes, where students complete a series of tasks pertaining to the learning objectives. In this first season, the focus is on customer problems, or jobs to be done. It includes customer interview role-plays and a set of proprietary tools to guide students. The First Global Bank LiveCase simulation allows Educators to teach innovation theory and practice in a highly engaging format. Designed for undergraduate, MBA, and Executive Education programs, it can be played individually or in teams, in-person, or online. It includes a comprehensive Teaching Note and a variety of supplemental educator resources. This LiveCase simulation was co-authored by INSEAD Associate Professor of Strategy Nathan Furr and INSEAD Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship Antoine Duvauchelle.

Learning objectives

1) Learn the principles and tools of The Innovator's Method: Bringing the Lean Start-up into Your Organization. 2) Be aware of traps that innovators fall into such as the "big market trap" or "willingness to pay" trap. 3) Brainstorm customer personas, "jobs-to-be-done" and journeys and form hypotheses. 4) Interview potential customers, gather feedback and test hypotheses. 5) Synthesize customer findings on a customer persona canvas and pinpoint customers most likely to profit from a new offering.

About the authors

Written by the LiveCase Studio, Nathan Furr, and Antoine Duvauchelle


S1 Problem

Targeting customers for new FGB social trading/AI platform

E1: Digital Disruption at First Global

Onboarding with role and task definition.

E2: Customer Interview Prep

Prepare your customer questions ahead of your interviews.

E3: Potential Customers—or Not?

Customer interviews.

E4: Gather the Insights

Take stock of the gathered insights.

E5: Congrats and Good Luck!

Mission accomplished.


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