Vinho Rio - A Global Wine Strategy
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Vinho Rio - A Global Wine Strategy

The Vinho Rio LiveCase simulation introduces the theme of globalization strategy and brings to life the pressures transforming the traditional "Old World" wine industry.

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Authored by INSEAD, powered by LiveCase. Step into the role of a family friend to a prominent Portuguese family vineyard, guiding them to make crucial decisions amid an unexpected acquisition offer by a famous investor. Analyze technology, political, social, and competitive factors. Evaluate brand challenges, consumer trends, and global events. Advise on the best global strategy for the vineyard's future. Perfect for undergraduate, MBA, and executive students in in-person or online classrooms. The Vinho Rio LiveCase simulation introduces the theme of globalization strategy and brings to life the pressures transforming the traditional "Old World" wine industry. Playing the role of a visitor to a family friend's vineyard in the Douro region of Portugal, students get involved in the family's business decisions following an unexpected offer from an American investor. As the story progresses, students explore opportunities in various other markets with different modes of entry, taking into account the drivers and the extent of globalization. They are asked to weigh the challenges and benefits of working with a heritage brand, the impact of shifting consumer trends, and the influence of major global events. After examining Vinho Rio's business, students assess and compare the various growth opportunities and offer advice on the most appropriate global strategy to secure the vineyard's future. The story provides rich material for a stimulating debrief session and a memorable learning experience. Particularly suited to undergraduate, MBA, and executive learning programs, the simulation can be taught in the classroom or online. The Vinho Rio LiveCase simulation leverages immersive, interactive multimedia storytelling, using the LiveCase web application with a combination of interactive chats, tasks, mood checks, multiple-choice questions, and gamification to keep students engaged, challenged, and entertained.

Learning objectives

1) Gain insight into the dynamic context of the global wine industry and the differences between the way 'Old World' and 'New World' wines are produced, promoted and sold. 2) Explore the potential for global expansion by assessing the opportunities, barriers, and market drivers. 3) Understand the key themes and dilemmas of a globalization strategy. 4) Learn resilience in the face of unexpected world events and shifting consumer trends.

About the authors

Written by Felipe Monteiro


E1: Bem-vindo!

Welcome to the world of Vinho Rio!

E2: Opportunity knocks

A well-known American billionaire has taken an interest in the vineyard, but is the proposition a good fit for Vinho Rio?

E3: Old wines, new vines

Old? New? Or a bit of both? Explore Vinho Rio's image and meet the podcasters and YouTubers who have the power to make or break the brand.

E4: Near or far?

Pack your bags, you're off to Paris! It's time to represent Vinho Rio at the wine expo where you'll explore growth opportunities in China, Norway, and Brazil.

E5: Shifting soil

How do major global events and shifting trends impact the wine industry? Is Vinho Rio resilient enough to withstand the pressures of an ever-changing world?

E6: Live by the sword

A big offer lands on the table. Does it change anything? What next for Vinho Rio? The moment of truth has arrived.


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