Move - Leadership Performance
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Move - Leadership Performance

The Move LiveCase simulation creates an engaging scenario in which the student tackles the challenge of managing a team member who seems to be underperforming.

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Authored by INSEAD, powered by LiveCase. Take charge as the Interim Head of Product at Move and tackle the challenge of managing an underperforming team member in this immersive LiveCase simulation. Lead a cross-functional team developing a groundbreaking tool amidst mounting pressure and missed deadlines. Gain invaluable insights into managing teams, addressing poor performance, and delivering feedback. Perfect for undergraduate, MBA, and executive students in in-person or online classrooms. The Move LiveCase simulation creates an engaging scenario in which the student tackles the challenge of managing a team member who seems to be underperforming. Acting as the newly appointed Interim Head of Product at Move, a smart mobility platform, students oversee a team completing development on a new carbon reduction and offsetting tool, EcoLo. With a much-hyped launch date approaching, progress has fallen behind schedule and the performance of the Lead Engineer has been called into question. Students are under pressure to determine why progress is poor, how it can be improved, and ultimately whether to replace the Lead Engineer. A number of decisions must be made and implemented, requiring a balance between formal authority and informal influence. Set in the dynamic context of a cross-functional product management team, the Move LiveCase simulation offers valuable insights into the challenges facing product leaders managing cross-functional teams in a fast-paced and demanding context. The experience provides insights into the student's own leadership style and their strengths and weaknesses in managing teams, addressing poor performance, and delivering feedback. The simulation is designed for undergraduate, MBA, and executive learners, and can be conducted in-person or online. While it can be taught individually or in teams, working in groups will create optimal learning conditions.

Learning objectives

1) Explore the challenges of managing subordinates in a high-pressure context 2) Test performance review and feedback strategies 3) Develop objective awareness of personal leadership styles including strengths and weaknesses 4) Identify the support needed to develop people management and leadership skills 5) Explore the impact of interpersonal relationships on group dynamics 6) Gain insights into balancing formal authority with informal influence

About the authors

Written by Noah Askin


E1: Get moving!

General immersion into the world of Move and the company’s current situation.

E2: The pressure's on...

In their first interactions with the EcoLo team members, you gain key insights into the behavior of the Lead Engineer and how EcoLo got behind schedule.

E3: The weakest link

You interact with the Lead Engineer and try to glean insights into her performance and also how the team went astray.

E4: Who's in charge?

The Chief Finance Officer tells Learners that an “extortionate” invoice came in from CarbonCalc, a third-party data source, but the CEO had not signed off on it.

E5: The nailbiter

A week has passed since the news broke that the Lead Engineer and Product Manager acted together to integrate the EcoLo tool with Carbon Calc. It is up to you to decide the Lead Engineer’s fate.


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