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Plymouth Corp | Crisis Management

Crisis Management can't be taught - but it can be learned. The Plymouth Corp LiveCase offers students a simulated crisis to which they must react and respond.

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Crisis Management can't be taught - but it can be learned. The Plymouth Corp LiveCase offers students a simulated crisis to which they must react and respond. In the role of Senior Executives of a multibillion-dollar food and beverage company, students are required to lead Plymouth Corp's response when the company is implicated in a severe outbreak of salmonella poisoning. Students follow the development of the crisis via chat message interactions with various stakeholders. The context is brought to life with multimedia content, including video news reports. The simulation is structured in seasons, divided into episodes, where students complete a series of tasks pertaining to the learning objectives. In the first season, the focus is on crisis management and communications. The season culminates in a simulated live television interview role play. The Plymouth Corp LiveCase simulation allows Educators to teach crisis management and theory in a highly engaging format. Designed for undergraduate, MBA and Executive Education programs, it can be taught individually or in teams, in-person, or online. It includes a comprehensive Teaching Note and a variety of supplemental educator resources. Plymouth Corp was co-authored by Professor of Leadership and Negotiation Sameh Abadir at IMD.

Learning objectives

1) Experience navigating uncertainty in a fast-changing situation. 2) Understand emotional responses and reflexes in crisis. 3) Practice quick decision-making under pressure. 3) Explore setting priorities and defining a crisis response strategy. 4) Exercise media and stakeholder communication skills. 5) Test media spokesperson skills in a simulated interview. 6) Reflect on crisis preparedness: preparing for the unknown.

About the authors

Written by LiveCase Studio, Sameh Abadir, and Antoine Duvauchelle


E1: It's a launch!

Let's get started.

E2: Crisis breaks

What a way to start the day.

E3: Catastrophe or just chaos?

The situation is more complex than anticipated.

E4: Crisis heats up

Recent developments are intense.

E5: Lights, camera,... Action!

Time to take charge.

E6: It's a wrap!

Thank you.


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