Maribat-Allegra - Negotiations
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Maribat-Allegra - Negotiations

Although individual experiences during a negotiation may vary widely, there are common patterns that emerge. Students progress through the simulation in distinct stages, which require differentiated skills and techniques to proceed to the next stage.

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Explore the art of negotiation with the Maribat-Allegra LiveCase simulation. Immerse yourself as Lead Negotiator in a dynamic simulation of global high-end boat manufacturing companies. Progress through stages, employing key skills and techniques. Create & expand value, identify issues, and claim your stake. Engage in interactive chats and live role plays. Master BATNA and ZOPA concepts. Can you strike a favorable deal? Perfect for undergraduate, MBA, and executive students in in-person or online classrooms. Although individual experiences during a negotiation may vary widely, there are common patterns that emerge. Students progress through the simulation in distinct stages, which require differentiated skills and techniques to proceed to the next stage. In order to do better than their best alternative to a negotiated agreement, students must clearly identify key issues and positions and create value with the other side in order to claim more value for their own. The Maribat-Allegra LiveCase simulation creates a lively scenario in which students will explore, examine, and reflect on conducting negotiations under pressure. Students participate in a dynamic multimedia learning experience, immersing them in the role of Lead Negotiator at one of two fictional boat manufacturing companies. Allegra, the seller, is a heritage brand of luxury wooden motorcrafts built in northern Italy. For many generations it has been owned by the Brumanas, a family that cherishes their company, legacy, and workers. The potential buyer is Maribat, a highly reputable group of boat manufacturers based in the United States that views Allegra as an ideal addition to their portfolio. Maribat is a top-rated company with deep experience in acquisitions. The main task will be to negotiate a deal favorable to the company represented. During their journey, students will progress through four stages of the negotiation process (preparation, discussion, negotiation, and bargaining) in alternating rounds, engaging with fictional colleagues through a series of interactive chats and participating in live role plays with their counterpart on the other side. Students are instructed on the purpose and function of each stage and learn to use negotiation concepts such as BATNA and ZOPA. They will engage in an exciting test of their negotiation skills: will they be able to reach an agreement with the other company? Deal or no deal, how favorable is the outcome for their side? The story that unfolds provides rich material for stimulating debrief sessions and an intense, memorable learning experience. Particularly suited to undergraduate, MBA, and executive learning programs, it can be conducted in person or online.

Learning objectives

1) The purpose and function of the four stages of negotiations and how to progress successively 2) The basic concepts of BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement) and ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement) and how to apply them within a negotiation process 3) The importance of active listening and clarification questions during the discussion stage 4) The strategic principle of creating more value in order to claim more value 5) Identifying pressure tactics and psychological tricks used in the final stages

About the authors

Written by the LiveCase Studio and Sameh Abadir


E1: Onboarding

You will be immersed in your new role as the lead negotiator and introduced to the two companies involved in a potential deal.

E2: An exciting opportunity (Preparation)

You'll meet your colleagues and receive their perspectives on the main issues and positions involved in the deal.

E3: The information exchange (Discussion)

Time to finally hear from the other side! You'll receive some new information in this episode and then meet the other side for the first time.

E4: Room for agreement (Negotiation)

The deal making begins: you'll meet again with the other side to trade issues and try and reach an agreement. A scoring system is introduced in this episode.

E5: Time to decide.. Deal or no deal? (Bargaining)

You've reached the final act: bargaining. Time to see if you can seal the deal or walk away. You'll be challenged in various ways so good luck!


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