Alpha - Circular Economy
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Alpha - Circular Economy

The Alpha LiveCase simulation creates a lively scenario in which students explore and reflect on technology, operations management, and how to evaluate a business case proposal under pressure.

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Authored by INSEAD, powered by LiveCase. Step into the role of Chief Innovation Officer at Alpha Beverage Bottling under pressure to transition to a closed loop rPET bottle recycling facility on the island of Malta. Make crucial recommendations on whether to invest in a recycling center and powering it with renewable energy. Consider cost, savings, regulations, brand reputation, and sustainability goals. Perfect for undergraduate, MBA, and executive students in in-person or online classrooms. The Alpha LiveCase simulation creates a lively scenario in which students explore and reflect on technology, operations management, and how to evaluate a business case proposal under pressure. Students participate in a dynamic multimedia learning experience, immersing themselves in the role of Chief Innovation Officer at the fictional company Alpha Beverage Bottling, which is under pressure from its biggest client to transition to fully recycled plastics. Learners are presented with a key question: Is the proposed closed loop rPET bottle recycling facility in Malta viable, and if so, under what conditions? Their main task is to make a recommendation to Alpha on whether or not to invest in a new recycling center and power its bottling facility using renewable energy. Making this recommendation will involve multiple considerations-the cost, savings, regulations, brand reputation, and sustainability goals (in pursuit of creating a circular economy)-to make an informed business decision. By interacting with Alpha colleagues and external stakeholders, students will analyze how changes to various inputs and drivers affect the project's viability in terms of net present value, the financial metric used in the financial model provided. The story that unfolds provides rich material for stimulating debrief sessions and an intense, memorable learning experience. Particularly suited to undergraduate, MBA, and executive learning programs, this simulation can be conducted in the classroom or online. The Alpha LiveCase simulation leverages immersive, interactive multimedia storytelling using the LiveCase web application. A combination of tasks, sentiment checks, quizzes, and gamification keep students engaged, challenged, and entertained.

Learning objectives

1) The barriers and variables to be considered when designing initiatives for the circular economy. 2) The tangible and intangible aspects of transitioning to a circular/closed-loop manufacturing process. 3) Analyzing the business case for the creation of closed-loop PET recycling infrastructure.

About the authors

Written by Atalay Atasu


E1: Alpha's new "PET project"

Immerse yourself in your role as Chief Innovation Officer at the Alpha bottling company in Malta. Learn about production-consumption loops, sustainability goals and circular economies.

E2: The Financial Model

You'll receive a guided tour of the financial model used to assess the viability of the rPET bottling project. (You'll download your own copy of the spreadsheet model at end of the episode).

E3: The capacity to change (Tab 1 - PET Prod.)

How does a bottling facility operate? How will seasonal demand affect production for a recycling plant? It's time for an overview of the technical aspects..

E4: Power and profit (Tab 2 - Energy Costs)

What are the costs and benefits of using renewable energy to power Alpha's proposed facility? How reliable are those energy resources in Malta?

E5: Help us help you, Malta! (Tab 3 - Costs & Savings)

Alpha's sustainability goals in line with Malta's, perhaps the Maltese government can help out in return for Alpha reducing plastic waste?

E6: Time is money (Tab 4 - Cash Flow & NPV)

Time is running out, is there a solution in sight? Perhaps there's another way to reduce Alpha's costs for this project?

E7: Decision time

It's time! The CEO is anxiously awating to hear about your investment recommendation and rationale.


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