Authoring can be an exciting experience. Bringing an idea to reality is thrilling.

In this article, we'll share some of the best practices we have accumulated, and we'll be regularly updating it, empowering you, the author, the best chances to write a series worth spreading.


Whether you choose an "Episode" or a "Series", we don't recommend that an Episode last much longer than 10-15mins. Breaking it up allows the player to take a breath and make it clear what the learning is for each section. We have an algorithm on the bottom of the "Edit chat" content that creates a time estimate for you and gives you a rough idea.


Characters are great to build immersion and context. From our experience though, you usually don't want to use more than 3-4 characters per episode. Especially early on in the series.

It is worth introducing the main characters through chat content type "Context" so that the user is not lost trying to figure out who is who. We've seen some authors include a tagline or position in the display name to make the process of remembering the characters easier.


Badges are an incredibly powerful tool, and like all powerful tools, they should be used with some caution, or at least a proper understanding for a smooth experience, both for you, the author, and the player.

You can use badges for:

  • Personalized learning journey: The best way to make sure every player completely understands your teachings. If a player answers a question incorrectly, you can give them a badge to go over the subject and explain it in further detail. Keeping everyone engaged and on the same level.
  • Different storylines: Make the players' decisions have an impact on the series and feel like their choice matters.
  • Different roles: Do you want your players to have different roles in the series? No problem, assign them different badges. This allows your players to organize into teams and have different information and requiring them to talk to each other to get the full picture.
  • Different industries/subject: You can ask the player to choose different industries or subjects at the start and tailor the content for that.

We go into further details in another article, but here is the gist, Authoring with badges can become extremely complex. The easiest way to use it is to imagine a highway (which represents your main story thread), and have some exits from time to time to dive deeper into the subject if required (personalized learning journey) and have them join back the main highway afterward.


We have many different types of chats to pass on your learnings. For almost all of them, here are some rules of thumbs:

Keep them relatively short: Anything that could fit inside a Tweet is usually best. Of course, there are exceptions. Use all of the chat types: Just using text can become boresome to players, we highly recommend you add a question every ~6-8 chats to keep players engaged. Interjecting some images/files or other content can also alleviate the issue.


Following these rules of thumb should get you started on your journey to build a great learning experience for your players.

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