AuthoringExtras: Chat types

Livecase offers a large variety of types of chat to empower you to communicate better with the player. Here is a description for all of these:

  • Message: Plain text display (what you normally see in chat & messaging applications)
  • Context: Useful as a whisper to give context, location, time passage, character introduction, change of topic,...
  • Image: Share an image in the chat
  • File: Share a file in the chat
  • Video: Share Vimeo or youtube video
  • Gif: Share a gif in the chat
  • Emoji: Share an emoji in the chat (please note you can use emojis in normal messages as well, this is just for convenience)
  • Code: Share programming code language
  • Question - Multiple choice: Multiple choice questions and answers with the option of scoring and timers.
  • Question - Text: Question with text answer that players can answer
  • Question - Popup multiple choice: Similar to the multiple-choice question but takes the full screen.

We'll now go over in detail what each one looks like to the player and some of their custom functionalities.

If you can think of other message types, feel free to reach out to us and we'll add them to our customer feedback process.

Chat type: Message

The chat type Message looks like the normal messages you see in chat/Messaging application (think Messenger, Whatsapp, ...).

Chat message!

Chat type: Context

The chat type Context empowers you to give "context" or describe a situation, similar to when a script describes the location. It is also useful to introduce new characters or change of topic.

Chat context!

Chat type: Image

The chat type Image enables you to share images to increase immersion or share important information. And as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Chat image!

Chat type: File

The chat type File allows you to share any kind of files you need to share. Players will be able to download this file.

Chat file!

Chat type: Video

Share videos from popular platforms, Youtube and Vimeo. All you have to do is copy/paste the URL and we'll take care of the rest:

Chat video!

Chat type: Gif

We integrate with Giphy, one of the biggest resources for Gifs, you can simply search for keywords and find the perfect gif for your need.

Chat gif!

Chat type: Emoji

Enables a quick and easy way to have an emoji response:

Chat emoji!

Chat type: Code

Display programming language like an IDE

Chat code!

Chat type: Question - Multiple choice

This is a question type, which means that it consists of 2 chats, one is a question, and the other an answer. This is probably the most used question type and enables many features. With it, you can have scoring, timer, badges (for customized storylines), and characteristics.

It will display in 3 steps:

  1. The question
  2. The question & answers
  3. The question, answer & feedback (correct or not if there is one, score, characteristics)

Step 1) the question

Chat question multiple choice!

Step 2) The question & answers

Chat question multiple choice!

Step 3) The question, answer & feedback

Chat question multiple choice!

Chat type: Question - Text

Similar to the multiple-choice, but this time the player can input a text answer. If follows the same steps of 1) question, 2) question & input 3) question, input & feedback...

Chat question text!

Chat type: Question - Popup multiple choice

Similar to the multiple-choice, but this time the information takes the full screen to create more gamification. If follows the same steps of 1) question, 2) question & input 3) question, input & feedback...

Step 1) Question

Chat question multiple choice!

Step 2) Question & answer (and timer in this example)

Chat question multiple choice!

Step 3) Feedback

Chat question multiple choice!

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