HostingExtra: Release management

You can have players play the whole content right away, or you can release content when you decide, episode by episode.

By default generally, content is set to "Auto-release". This means that the content is released automatically for the player to play. If you would like to turn this off. Simply go to the "Manage" section (top navigation) and scroll down to the "Settings" section.

Release settings!

Once your turn off auto-release, a new section will conveniently appear at the top of the page now for easy access.

You will now be able to release content at your discretion, by clicking on the "No" or "Yes" button next to each episode:

Release episodes!

Some notes:

  • You cannot skip episodes. Due to the dynamic nature of the platform, the content must be played sequentially and you can therefore not skip episodes. Ex: If you release episodes 3 and 4, but episode 2 is not released, they will be redirected to a holding page.
  • You can turn off episodes again. Please note that if some players have already started an episode you "un-release", they will no longer be able to progress until you release it again. Their progress will still be saved though, so once you release it again, they will be exactly where they were before.

This is what players will view while they are waiting for content to be released:

Players view!

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