HarvardInvite & Launch

Invite participants to join

For participants to join, they will have to go through the Harvard (HBP) platform.

  • Login to HBP
  • Navigate to your coursepack with the Livecase simulation
  • On the top, they will provide a link called "Student Link" (see screenshot below)
  • Share that link in your preferred tool (email, SMS, chat, ...)
  • Students will be prompted to create an account or log in to HBP

(Instructor view to "Student link") harvard coursepack!

Once your Learners click the link above and create an account on HBP, they will be able to join your Livecase simulation as follows:

(Participant view on HBP) harvard learner join!

Launch Livecase simulation

To launch the simulation, you can simply navigate to the "Manage" page on the Livecase platform and release your desired episode.

harvard autorelease!

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the teacher notes, you will need to come back to this "Manage" page to release episodes as required.

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