Welcome to Livecase! We're excited to have you here.

In this section, we'll quickly walk through the main features of Livecase and what will the experience look like.

You've selected one of the Livecase simulations on the Harvard Business Publisher website, now what?

  • Add the Livecase simulation to your coursepack and publish it.
  • Access Livecase from your Harvard coursepack.
  • Prepare and review the content (and teachers' notes provided on the Harvard website).
  • Invite Learners to your session.
  • Launch the content & monitor progress
  • Review & Debrief

That's the gist of it!

We also have a lot of FAQs that might come in handy at some point here Harvard FAQs.

Accessing the Livecase simulation

To access the Livecase simulation as a host:

  • Login to HBP
  • Go to the coursepack that contains the Livecase simulation
  • Click on "Manage Simulation"

Harvard access sim!

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