FAQHow do I create groups?

Creating groups/teams in the LiveCase web application is done through the following two steps:

  • Ask your Learners to update their display name to include their group/team name (and other segmentation information as can be useful, e.g. a role name)
  • Use the search functionality in the 'Leaderboard' to view group/team results

Ask Learners to update their display name

You can simply instruct your Learners to click their profile picture in the upper right-hand corner as shown below.

groups profile!

Once they clicked it, a pop-up should appear where they can update their 'Display Name' to include the group/team and if necessary role name. You should provide your Learners with a template example of how you wish they rename themselves for consistency.

groups change names!

The advantage of using the Display Name to organize groups/teams is that it allows more flexibility in naming conventions, allows the Educator to add extra segmentation information (e.g. role), and provides the Learners with a chance to immerse themselves more into the LiveCase.

Search functionality in the Leaderboard

Standard filters

Once your Learners have renamed themselves, in the 'Report' tab of the hosting session you will see a 'Leaderboard' as follows.

groups filter!

Just below the word 'Leaderboard' you can see a row with:

the first dropdown to select the episode you are interested in viewing the results for a second dropdown with the list of the 'Characteristics' you would like to view a search bar where you can search for keywords including the 'Display Name' which now includes group/team information In the example below, you will see that we typed the number "1" in the search bar to see a list of the Learners who are in Group 1 (the more precise your search keyword, the more accurate your search results will be).

groups search!

Once you have made your episode, characteristic and included your search term, you can see the results for the group/team in the Leaderboard directly.

groups average!

Saved filters

It is also possible to save your searches for specific keywords just below the 'Leaderboard'. This can be useful if you want to check the performance of groups/teams. You could for example create a saved search for each group/team you created.

To do so, please click 'New' in the 'Advanced Search' box, input your keyword and name your search, then click 'save'.

groups saved search!

Once done, that search will be saved and can be viewed.

groups saved search 2!

With searches and filters, you can search your Leaderboard and review the performance of individuals and groups/teams in any way you think might help your teaching plan. It can sometimes become quite addictive to check.

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