Harvard FAQHow can I change a player's response when they answer incorrectly?

The Livecase methodology is dynamic, and its content adapts based on players' answers. Consequently, altering players' responses could disrupt the case's logic.

To address this, you have two options:

  1. Rewind Episode:

    • Navigate to the player management page in your LiveCase host panel.
    • Click the circle arrow next to the player's name and rewind to the start of the desired episode.
    • The player can then modify any answers in that episode.
    • Please note that changes will take effect after reloading the page.

  2. Remove and Re-add:

    • Remove the player from the case within the LiveCase platform (not HBSP).
    • Re-add the player, which will reset their answers, allowing them to provide new responses.

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