FAQHow does scoring work?


  • Individual questions are scored out of 1000 points.
  • An episode score is the average of all the scored questions
  • A season score is the average of all the episodes that have a scores
  • A case score is the average of all episodes that have scores

Question scoring

A question is scored out of 1000 points.

If the player has the correct answer, they will receive 1000 points. If they answer incorrectly, they will get 0 points.

If a timer is set on the question, the rules change slightly. 60% of the 1000 points will be given for the correct answer and the remaining 40% will be a ratio based on how long they took to answer (even if they get the wrong answer).


Let's say you have a scored question with a timer for 100 secs. If the player takes 23secs to answer:

  • Time points: the player will receive 40% of 1000 points times the time ratio (aka 1000 x 0.4 x (100 -23) / 100 ), so 308 points
  • Correct answer: if the player answers correctly, we will add 60% of the 1000 points to the time points (aka 1000 x 0.6 ), so 600 points

Giving the player a total of 308 + 600 = 908 points.

Episode scoring

Because of the dynamic nature of Livecase, players can have a various number of scored questions (one player might have no question, while the other has 5). For this reason, Livecase does an average of scores so that they are comparable.

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