Hiring Wisdom: Why We Use Behavioral Based Interviewing

Hiring Wisdom: Why We Use Behavioral Based Interviewing

The player is an experienced hiring manager seeking to improve their interviewing skills to lower the company's turnover rate. They are tasked to learn and apply behavioral based interviewing techniques and understand how to interpret responses.

HOW: WHEN: In a course

Players tasks

The main dilemma for the player is how to interpret candidates' responses to behavioral based interview questions in a way that accurately predicts their future performance and longevity within the company.

Learning objectives

Learn various techniques for conducting effective behavioral based interviews

Who is this for?

Managers on our sales team


S1 Season 1

E1: Listening for Key Indicators

This will give you an opportunity to listen to and identify key behavioral interview answers. You have an interview on your schedule with a prospective AE. Follow along as you're tasked with interviewing Dan, using questions that are behavior based. Look for key indicators that will help you determine if his answers are sufficient to make a hiring determination.

E2: Listening for Negative Indicators

You are interviewing Trisha for a sales role.


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