Bee Car Epitech/ISG/Epita 2024 (V 2.0)
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Bee Car Epitech/ISG/Epita 2024 (V 2.0)

Welcome to Bee Car ! Lakshmi Banerjee became CEO of the New Delhi Car Corporation (NDCC) three years ago. Her father, Sanjeev, moved to the position of Chairman of the $7bn company. Lakshmi came in with a radical mission of positioning the company as an innovative leader of the twenty-first century. She allocated a $50m fund to a group of managers to build from Singapore the “car of the future” – electric, self-driving, digital – the next platform. The Bee Car will use distributed manufacturing to eliminate the need for economies of scale by pushing part of the manufacturing process down the distribution chain. The core of this radical new manufacturing process in the automotive industry is the propriety intellectual property the company holds in large size and fast 3D printing of multi-material parts. To that end, Lakshmi is bringing you in as the new management team to get the project back on track and to take the business from concept to execution. Time is of the essence. Lakshmi wants Bee Car to be the first mover in this exciting new future. Throughout the learning journey, the focus is on the required entrepreneurial leadership skills and mindset to drive forward innovation in a VUCA context.


S1 Day 1 Part 1

E1: Onboarding

Join your team and choose your role

E2: Start the Project

The Journey Begins

S2 Day 1 Part 2

E1: A - Enter the VPC

Solve real problems for real people

E2: B - Customer Centricity

Make the customer come to life

E3: C - The VPC & Customer Interviews

Immersing into the customers' perception

S3 Week 1

E1: C - The VPC

Designing the solution

S4 Week 2

E1: Business Modeling

Attract customers and generate profits

S5 Week 3

E1: Value Creation

Crunch the numbers

S6 Final Day

E1: International Scaling

Meet with government officials from around the world

E2: Prepare for your Pitch

Get ready for the shark tank


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