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You may find yourself at an inflection point, facing new challenges and opportunities that would benefit from some introspection and deepening your self-awareness. Follow this interactive guided reflection journey to go through the first 6 exercises of our Navigating Change program, to check in on the emotions, energy, values and motivations that you are experiencing.

About the authors

This series was created by the founders of Reflection Circles: Kate Philips-Kaiser, Betina Rama and Katherine Twaddell. A multinational team of leadership coaches, working with top business schools and leadership development organizations including INSEAD, the Wharton School, IMD, Sciences Po, CEDEP, and the Centre for Creative Leadership, they each have over 20 years experience developing individuals and teams around the world. Bringing together their training and experience with leading research in leadership, clinical and organizational psychology, group systems, coaching and facilitation, they have developed this series of exercises to create the inspiring and supportive space for people to question, re-think and respond in new ways to emerging challenges and opportunities.


S1 Looking in

E1: Setting the scene

E2: Picture this

E3: Name that feeling

E4: Batteries included

E5: Inner compass

E6: Deep dive


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