Maywood Transition 11/2022 (for Johan)

Maywood Transition 11/2022 (for Johan)

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S1 Due Dilligence

E1: Onboarding

E2: Due Diligence One

E3: Due Diligence Two

E4: Acquisition Negotiation

S2 Day 1 - Welcome to Nottingham

E1: First Day Part 1 - 10 Point Action Plan (ALL)

E2: Day 1 - Secondary Strands incl. Cylo + Tom Banks: problem with server (ALL, CEO, CFO, CMO, COO)

No messages for CHRO!

S3 Day 2 to 5 (Banker)

E1: Pre-Banker - CMO/CHRO/COO/CEO: AI Interaction

All roles have an AI interaction

E2: Meet the Banker (Pre-banker)

A business that does not have the cash to pay its accounts payable is bankrupt.

E3: Banker Interlude (Lucy Thompson: Please send cash-bleed actions) + AI with Lucy

E4: Pre-Banker - COO/CHRO/CEO: Scripted messages - (To be deleted)

E5: Post-banker (Lucy Thompson messages closing banker issues)

E6: Pre-Banker AI Wrapup

S4 Days 5 to 30 (Customer)

E1: Meeting the Customer (Lead in Pt1)

Alex Schönsteinweg from Zweirad in Munich is in Nottingham and wants to meet the new management of Maywood Cycles.

E2: New Bike Order (Lead in Pt2) (CMO)

E3: Customer Meeting Interlude (Colleen checks with ALL & Carl Sawyer confirms) (CMO, COO, ALL)

E4: Post-customer - Zweirad (Conclusion)

Module to wrap up day 2.

E5: Customer - AI Interaction (CEO/CHRO/CFO)

S5 Days 30 to 60

E1: Day 30-60 Part 1 - Secondary Strands (Tom Banks SAP decision) (ALL, CEO, CFO, CHRO, CMO, COO)

E2: Day 30-60 Part 2 - Secondary Strands Paty Holms -Union negotiations (BBC?) & Colleen Salary demands & Server Crash (John Stephens: Outcome Pos/Neg) (CEO, CHRO, CMO ???)

S6 Day 60 to 90

E1: Day 60-90 Part 3 - Secondary Strands (Cylo mention "if we stop producing children's bikes") (ALL, CEO, CMO, CHRO, CFO, COO)

E2: Day 60-90 Part 4 - Secondary Strands (Overpaid inventory 2m / Russian business delegation) (CEO, CMO, COO, CFO, CHRO)

E3: Day 60-90 Part 5 - Secondary Strands (Wayne 4 to ALL/Asbestos-Bob Wells to CEO) + 4 Cylo mentions incl. Wired (CEO, CMO, COO, CFO, CHRO)

S7 Days 90 to 100

E1: Strategy Fair (CEO)

You are now in day 60.

E2: Wrap Up

S8 BBC & Accident

E1: BBC Media Interview Request (CEO)

E2: Accident (ALL, CEO)

On any one day many things can happen.

E3: BBC Interview (Conclusion) (ALL)

The crisis around the accident is over.


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