Living with Change - Reflection Circles
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Living with Change - Reflection Circles

Living With Change is an interactive guided reflection journey that provides the questions and tools to help you look in on how you are experiencing change, look out to what is happening around you, and navigate forward with purpose and resilience.


S1 Looking in

E1: Setting the scene

E2: Picture this

E3: Name that feeling

E4: Batteries included

E5: Crossing bridges

E6: Deep dive

S2 Looking Out

E1: Get the picture

E2: Birds eye view

E3: Six degrees

E4: People puzzle

E5: Two by two

E6: Rock lobster

S3 Moving Forward

E1: Motion picture

E2: Becoming an ex

E3: Check-in

E4: Meeting point

E5: Power up

E6: Note to self