BioLife | Wicked Problems
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BioLife | Wicked Problems

The BioLife Wicked Problems LiveCase creates a lively scenario in which to explore, examine and reflect on leadership and group dynamics under pressure.


S1 Season 1

Leadership opportunity with the launch of a pioneering new drug.

E1: Onboarding (individual)

Immersion into your roles as C-Suite Executives and Leadership Development Observers helping BioLife C-develop a new CRISPR-based anti-aging drug

E2: Welcome to your first day! (individual)

Chance to meet everyone.

E3: What happened to the monkeys? (group)

You discover new information as you try to uncover the source of the issues.

E4: What do we do about Brenda? (individual)

The situation seems to be getting worse as you have to think about what to tell the press (if anything)

E5: World was on fire (group)

Ignited and blazing.

E6: Reflections (individual)

Time to take stock.

E7: Feedback (individual)

Hear, Listen, Speak.

S2 Season 2

E1: Your re-immersion in BioLife (individual)

Pioneering new CRISPR drugs and trial methods!

E2: BioLife in the hot seat... (individual)

It's all about positioning.

E3: Trial by trial (group)

Should we continue and how.

E4: Changing Winds (individual)

Pharma Solutions sends someone to help.

E5: Into the fire (group)

How much sizzle can one take.

E6: Reflections (individual)

Time to take stock.

E7: The Verdict (individual)

Decision time


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