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Kruger Bau | Strategy in an age of digital disruption

The case takes place in the context of a fictitious global construction firm facing disruption caused by advances in 3D printing technology. Learners adopt the role of senior executives on an innovation task force charged with developing a strategic response to the challenge of digital transformation.


S1 Value Creation

E1: LiveCase onboarding

Welcome! Let's take a look at your role and objectives.

E2: Welcome to the Innovation Task Force

Kruger Bau's CEO explains the goals of the Innovation Task Force.

E3: Strategy: Value Creation

Marcus Atherby, Strategy & Innovation Coach, introduces you to Value Creation.

E4: 3D, Hot or not?

Market opportunities and alternative perspectives.

E5: Customer blitz

Identifying and pursuing customer groups and potential clients.

E6: Reflection and season close

Given what you know so far, what are your current recommendations?

S2 Value Capture

E1: The story continues

Welcome back to the Kruger Bau Innovation Task Force

E2: Strategy: Value Capture

Learn about Value Capture and how digital disruption an industry value chain.

E3: Repositioning blitz

Explore opportunities for Kruger Bau to reposition itself within the construction industry supply chain

E4: Reflection and season close

What are your preferences regarding the value chain position opportunities?

S3 Bringing it together

E1: The final stage

Heads up! Recommendations due soon but there may be more info to factor in first..

E2: Strategy: An ongoing process

Marcus focuses in on the concept of strategy as an ongoing process and the need for agility in dynamic markets

E3: Updates and a new opportunity

New considerations and updates from colleagues at Kruger Bau

E4: 4D! Hot or not?

Woah! 4D printing exists, too? Colleagues tell you what they think.

E5: Reflection

It's time! Your final recommendation to the Board is now due.

E6: Thank You!

Farewell episode and close of the Kruger Bau LiveCase.

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