Kruger Bau | Strategy in an age of digital disruption
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Kruger Bau | Strategy in an age of digital disruption

The case takes place in the context of a fictitious global construction firm facing disruption caused by advances in 3D printing technology. Learners adopt the role of senior executives on an innovation task force charged with developing a strategic response to the challenge of digital transformation.


S1 Value Creation

Welcome to the Kruger Bau Innovation Task Force. Can you identify for which customer segment 3D printing offers the greatest potential for value creation?

E1: LiveCase onboarding

Welcome! Let's take a look at your role and objectives.

E2: Welcome to the Innovation Task Force

Kruger Bau's CEO explains the goals of the Innovation Task Force.

E3: Strategy: Value Creation

Marcus Atherby, Strategy & Innovation Coach, introduces you to Value Creation.

E4: 3D, Hot or not?

Market opportunities and alternative perspectives.

E5: Customer blitz

Identifying and pursuing customer groups and potential clients.

E6: Reflection and season close

Given what you know so far, what are your current recommendations?

S2 Value Capture

Your quest continues as you grapple with how Kruger Bau should position itself within the industry value chain to capture the most value.

E1: The story continues

Welcome back to the Kruger Bau Innovation Task Force

E2: Strategy: Value Capture

Learn about Value Capture and how digital disruption an industry value chain.

E3: Repositioning blitz

Explore opportunities for Kruger Bau to reposition itself within the construction industry supply chain

E4: Reflection and season close

What are your preferences regarding the value chain position opportunities?

S3 Bringing it together

The final season! You review all of the information you have received so far and decide on your final recommendation to the board of Kruger Bau.

E1: The final stage

Heads up! Recommendations due soon but there may be more info to factor in first..

E2: Strategy: An ongoing process

Marcus focuses in on the concept of strategy as an ongoing process and the need for agility in dynamic markets

E3: Updates and a new opportunity

New considerations and updates from colleagues at Kruger Bau

E4: 4D! Hot or not?

Woah! 4D printing exists, too? Colleagues tell you what they think.

E5: Reflection

It's time! Your final recommendation to the Board is now due.

E6: Thank You!

Farewell episode and close of the Kruger Bau LiveCase.


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